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Office Furniture \ General Discussion \ Any help on Nearfield monitors computer desk setup
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Jping I a in the process of upgrading my speakers and building a custom desk for my computer. I have 3 24" monitors side by side that will be mounted in an arc about 3' from my eye. I am now looking at some nicer studio monitors/bookshelf speakers than the 1980's hand-me-downs I have now, currently leaning toward the Behringer B3031A. I will be adding a sub once I save some more money. I will be doing the processing on my Asus Xonar STX. 80%music 15%movies 5%tv

Anyways I am trying to figure out what the best way to mount speakers is around such a relatively wide monitor array (est 55-60" wide). I have been under the belief that ideally you want to form an equilateral triangle with your head and speakers all in same plane parallel to the floor. obviously that is not possible. Given the monitors and my seated location, I have come up with 3 potential setups:

[oo],[8]=speaker [--]=monitor ------=desk

1. speakers forming equilateral triangle with head but with tilted plane. speakers toed in and down mounted above displays

[oo] [oo]
2. same as 1 but recessed into desk tilted up


3 speakers besides monitors sharply angled in


Any thoughts on placement of studio monitor model?
11:06:00 AM
Justin That does not come with manual. If so can you send me the manual or model i can help you 5/30/2011
11:07:00 AM
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